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The Classroom Activities Wiki

(this site is freely open to all - no need to request access)


Author - Dr. Ron Eaglin

Daytona State College of Technology


 Other sites by author:

COP 4813 - Web Systems I

COP 4834 - Web Systems II

COP 4709 - Applied Database II

Pyramath and Fractazmic Online Games




Wiki Pages


Icebreaker Activities


General Activities


Simulation Group Activities


Research Related Activities


Science and Engineering Activities


Video Activities


Leadership Activities


Setting Up Youtube for Teaching



These are all fun and education activities that I either developed or use. I do my best to keep this site up to date, but you know how it is....




This wiki site is devoted to activities that you can perform in a classroom getting away from the humdrum everyday lecture materials. For those of you who took the time to read this and want to contribute an activity send me an email. I will attempt to catalog and categorize the materials to make this wiki useful to myself and others wanting a more exciting classroom experience. Thanks for the suggestions from the folks who have helped me along on this project.


About the Author


This wiki was authored by Dr. Ron Eaglin. I hope that you can use the activities posted in this wiki to improve your classroom. I started this wiki in the Spring 2008 semester and will continue to add activities from my library as I find time. Please feel free to contact me with activities that you feel are appropriate to this wiki. For reasons why I like this approach see the page Creating a Class Wiki I also have some video's that I am producing to help folks - here are my Productivity Tips Part I.



My Sites


I have a very diverse research portfolio. Much of my work is now public and available to the world in general. These links take you to some of these other projects that you can see from the internet.



My Games and Products


 - A fun educational game I designed to make car trips with kids easier and also learn other languages, take a look.


 - A game design to teach basic math skills to 3rd grade and up, extremely popular.


 - Latest game, teaches fractions and is a lot of fun








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